Johnny Williams, WTAE Pittsburgh | 1976

1250 Pittsburgh WTAE

Date of Recording: 1976 (exact date unknown)
Contributor: Tom Lacko
Station(s): WTAE 1250, WTAE-FM 96.1
Featured Jock: Johnny Williams
Aircheck Entry: 1,394


Donated to our archives over ten years ago, Contributor Tom Lacko sent in this recording that he entitled “WTAE Transitions to 96 KX”. Indeed, this does sound like format change day on the FM side of this simulcast of 96.1 FM / 1250 AM. The change happened at 6pm at the conclusion of the Johnny Williams show. Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact date for the format change but it is known that just before the change, the FM side would separate from the AM and play Disco all night long. The format change brought a Rock Leaning Top 40 format and the call letters WXKX. The station has been airing a CHR format ever since and as of this writing is known as 96.1 Kiss, WKST-FM, owned by iHeart Media (formerly Clear Channel Communications)

1250 Pittsburgh WTAE

96.1 Pittsburgh WKST-FM WPHH WDRV WVTY WHTX Larry Richards WTAE


  1. hi sounds like the same johnny williams who was on 93 khj is this true………..

  2. Tom Lacko

    Steve – I asked Pittsburgh radio great Clarke Ingram about my timeline on this. He seems to think it’s October 27, 1976.

    Tom Lacko

  3. Gary Kerns

    I would guess this ‘check was made in mid-to-late October ’76, as Halloween was mentioned, and the Presidential campaign was still going on. Was that Charlie Vandyke doing the station IDs near the end?

  4. Gary Kerns

    Also, WPEZ (94.5) was top 40 at the time and a competitor. Now 94.5 is 3WS, and it’s co-owned with 96.1, as well as WDVE (102.5).

  5. Robert

    I worked at 1250 WKBR in Manchester NH in the late 1960s and when we signed off at 1 am, WTAE would bomb in.

  6. CalRadioPD

    This is the Johnny Williams from KHJ. The GM at WTAE was Ted Atkins, who had been Johnny’s PD at KHJ from 1970-72. Johnny was at WTAE from 1975-1985.

  7. CalRadioPD

    That is Van Dyke doing the sports intro. The “commercial free 96 Kicks” IDs are Humble Harve (also a KHJ alum who worked for Ted Atkins).

  8. WTAE was one of my favorite stations back then so this brings back memories for me. I used to mimick those DJ’S a lot as a kid wanting to be a DJ

  9. LZ

    Ahh Dream Weaver! I recall the unedited full version always being played. Great tune from a great year in music. Thanks!

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