Joshua Escandone, KOST 103.5 Los Angeles | January 16, 1999

Contributed by Big Apple Airchecks - Thanks!Here’s another in a series of KOST airchecks contributed by Matt over at Big Apple Airchecks – this time featuring Joshua Escandone.

As the 90s drew to a close, almost every market had a soft AC, playing very sleepy, mostly slow, albeit modern music with an occasional uptempo song. Most were top billing stations with real personalities who were allowed to do more than read liners, yet not go into an uptempo talkup over the music. Like the format or not, these stations usually were one of the top rated stations in their respective markets, within their demographics – much of it attributed to at-work listening.

KOST owned it’s demo in Los Angeles. The morning show of Mark & Kim was one of the most respected in the market. The rest of the day wasn’t too shabby either.

As of this writing, KOST station owner Clear Channel Communications is well on it’s way to being sold to SOMEONE in a private buyout deal, and it appears that CC is gutting most of the top stations in an effort to maximize profits. A number of high-profile personalites at many of it’s stations have raised the ire of listeners and some inside the industry… perhaps most notably (for us at Airchexx, anyway) was the recent firing of Kim Amidon from KOST. We hope she’s doing well… but given her impressive numbers for so many years doing wakeups, we think she’ll do fine.

This aircheck is part of a series intended to give KOST listeners a feel for what their favorite station sounded like, from a time not so long ago