“Jumpin’ Jack Flash & Froggy Nights – 94.1 WOGY Froggy 94 Memphis (December 12, 2000)

Mr. Froggy

Station: 94.1 WOGY Memphis (WLVS/WEZI/WODZ/WOGY/WMBZ/WSNA/WKQK/WFLP) (Wikipedia) (WFLP The Wolf Website)
Format: Country
Branded: “Froggy 94
Featured Air Personality: Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Steve West) (WCAT/WFGL/WFMP/WXLO/WHAI/WINQ/WEZL/KOUL/KLTG/WOGY/WGKX/WMC-FM/WCTZ/WSTC)
Contributor: Steve West (see above)
Total Time: 27:31
Aircheck #1,591

Coming up I’ve got the funniest doggone song…

Curator’s Notes:

I looked high and low for this tape and it eluded me, until one day last week while moving the furniture containing rows of neatly stacked tapes, this one literally fell out and hit me square in the face! Not quite an Isaac Newton moment but my hard head did, indeed, learn a lesson about emptying the cabinets before attempting to move (they way half a ton anyway!).

I digress

This particular aircheck was recorded a mere five weeks before the Frog bit the dust in an infamous format change (infamous, at least to the jocks involved). I particularly remember this aircheck and this show. It felt like the pressure was off. It was only a couple of weeks before Christmas, and our Program Director had just confided in me that he saw the Winter Promotion budget and it had format change written all over it… so.. I got to be me – in fact, Matt told me to just do my best and don’t destroy the format. Nobody’s critiquing us for the Country format right now. So, for the sake of a personal aircheck to take to another station (remember, this is nearly 18 years ago now, so I guess this is okay..), I let the chains fall off, so to speak and feeling more comfortable this night than most, this was the result.

I love the jingles (Matt had just replaced the over-used current jingle package with the one they used when Froggy first signed on. Nice touch! These were better). In fact, this was a really fun format. A bit silly, with all that Frog branding, but we had a huge audience and I know this because for a few years, everywhere I went, people remembered my voice. Most hated that corporate killed off the Country format.

I find it ironic that 94.1 is Country again. Do they ever learn? Or is this going to be the format of the month frequency forever?

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