Ken Fairfield, 1500 WFIF Milford CT | September 26, 1980



WFIF has been a Christian preaching and teaching station so long that Google can’t even find a logo for the previous music formatted version of WFIF. Well, we had to put SOMETHING in there!

Hi. Welcome to another classic radio aircheck from the Milford/New Haven market. There are very few recordings floating around of WFIF when it was a music station, but the few we have sound pretty good. This one sounds very much like a Top 40 station. That surely was a losing battle, since KC-101 had been on the air for almost two years by this point, and to make the point that FM was the future, Kopps-Monahan killed off the Top 40 version of WAVZ and threw all of it’s weight into the FM side at WKCI. Still, for tiny daytime-only WFIF, it sounds like a valliant effort.

Ken Fairfield is a capable, if not rather subdued jock. Yes, the excitement is lacking in this three and a quarter minute scope of WFIF, but the music is GREAT! Not that you can hear much of it. I’ve found I have to scope these down so tightly one can’t hear but about one bar of a song, if that, before things get flagged for copyright infringement. The music industry hasn’t got anything to worry about at airchexx… nobody comes here for songs, they barely get a whiff of one note in order to prompt someone to go buy a copy. But ain’t that what the music industry WANTS?

One of these days I’ll post an editorial about this issue in our discussion forum.

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