Ken Gilbert, 102.1 WAQY Wacky 102 FM Springfield Mass | Summer, 1980

102.1 Springfield WAQY Wacky 102 Rock 102 Glen FM Stevens Jim Kaye The Big Tuna Bax & Obrien Rock 102
Ken Gilbert on “Wacky 102” circa 1981



I feel honored to be a friend of the subject of this aircheck, the GREAT Ken Gilbert! Ken says that Paul DiMarco has his whole aircheck collection. Well, not all of it – we have 3 full boxes of KG audio, so there’s that. This is one of the BEST I’ve heard so far!

On this tape you’re going to hear Ken Gilbert as he sounded on a VERY uptempo Wacky 102 FM! The station was cookin’ in the Summer of 1980. The music was right in the center of the Top 40 format. Everything from Air Supply and Kenny Rogers to The Who and Aerosmith! You have to listen to experience the momentum that Wacky 102 had, every break, every time!

This is one of those airchecks you just have to hear to get the feel for Springfield in the Summer!


This audio response on this is excellent. The only unfortunate part is it’s in mono. That really shouldn’t make any difference. I have edited out *most* of the pops and clicks that you hear when the tape starts and stops in the WAQY skimmer machine. This is an ORIGINAL recording, made by Ken Gilbert during his show, and Ken gave that tape to our Contributor Paul DiMarco. There’s ZERO white noise on this, and the nice thing about airchecks from the WAQY skimmer machine was that they were made from the air monitor, which caught the station’s awesome processing and everything they threw in the air chain. In my humble opinion, this station, while they used to say was way over-processed, sounds just perfect when compared to the loudness factor of modern FM stations. You’ll truly LOVE this aircheck!


Paul DiMarco is a longtime broadcaster and aircheck collector. He has donated dozens of audio recordings to this website. You can find him on the web at his own internet station, the Totally 70s Network. Thank you Paul!





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