Ken Gilbert, 1490 WFAD Middlebury VT | 1978

1490 Middlebury 102.3 MIddlebury WFAD
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Steve, Squirt and Greg
Ken “Squirt Baby Shoot” Gilbert
Date of Recording: 1978 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 1490 WFAD Middlebury Vermont, USA
Format: Top 40
Featured Air Personality: Ken “Squirt Baby Shoot” Gilbert (WFAD/WAQY/WTIC-FM/WDRC-AF/WKNE-FM/WZRT/WVTK)
Contributor: Paul DiMarco
Date of Posting: 09.22.2017
Total Time: 5:47
Airchexx Entry: 1,515

Join us now as the spotlight falls on Debbie Boone…

First, a plug for our Contributor, Paul DiMarco. He’s known as “Mister 70s” on the air. Paul has a delivery that’s smooth as glass. Look for him on his own station, “The Totally 70s Radio Network” on Vaughn Live.

About Ken Gilbert. He goes by just “KG” here at WFAD. The source tape was a reel that our Contributor digitized for archiving. His statement to me the other day was, “I’ve got to get these tapes digitized because I have to get rid of them and the reel to reel player will probably go too.” This particular recording is clean, however, because this was recorded at the station off the board, and the levels were a tad too high, there’s a bit of distortion on the mic, as you’ll hear when KG talks. There is a faint hint of reverb. I don’t know if that was inserted in the whole audio chain or just the mic processing, but if you listen when Ken talks with no music underneath him, you’ll hear it.

Love the jingles. Not sure where they were recorded, but I know they weren’t PAMS or Jam. It’s your guess as the listener as to what company produced them.

Commercials have been scoped out. This only runs a bit over 5 minutes, and may perhaps have been the tape that KG used to get the job at WAQY… hey, it’s only 5 minutes, which is about what we DJs send to prospective Program Directors. So your curator is just guessing here.

You will really love this. AM radio done the way we all remember fondly.

Today, the station is an AM-FM simulcast, Adult Contemporary format. The FM side is WIXM, licenced to Grand Isle, VT, serving the greater Burlington area.

1490 Middlebury 102.3 MIddlebury WFAD
Current Logo for WFAD 1490 AM / 102.3 FM


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