Ken Gilbert, 97.1 WZRT Rutland VT | March 25, 1995

97.1 Rutland VT WZRT Z97
Pamal Broadcasting

KenGilbert-InStudioDate of Recording: 03.25.1995
Station: 97.1 WZRT Rutland, Vermont, USA
Featured Air Talent: Ken Gilbert, Joel Williams
Date of Contribution: 08.15.2016
Airchexx Entry: 1,447

“You can hear us in two countries, four states, twenty-six counties, and we can’t even count the number of towns!”


From a cassette with no label, we were able to figure out the date of this recording based on the news items of the day. For one, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was released from prison this day, after serving 3 years of a 5 year term for a rape conviction.

3.25.95 happens to be a Saturday morning. Ken Gilbert is there, his happy self and qualifying listeners to win Z97’s grand prize in that quarter’s contest: a multi-CD set of the music of the British Invasion. Listeners have to identify a 1960s song snippet. We get to hear two of these contests in this 31 minute partial-scope. Partial, because we left the commercials and all the station elements in this presentation, the only thing scoped out was the music, so that we conform to copyright law.

For a CHR powerhouse like Z97, this is much more than just a station playing the hits. You’ll notice in this aircheck that WZRT has a lot of full-service elements more likely heard on smaller community stations or big AM News/Talkers. There are TWO full 2 minute newscasts in this, both anchored by Joel Williams. The news is followed by Killington Mt. Ski Reports, and weather forecasts provided by The Weather Channel

For an unidentified aircheck tape, this sure has a lot to offer our listeners. As always, listening here at the museum is FREE OF CHARGE! All we ask is that you spread the word that we’re here. Don’t forget to check out our massive collection of archived audio from the greatest radio stations ever heard over six decades!

97.1 Rutland VT WZRT Z97
Pamal Broadcasting

Jay Sawyer Voicemaster
Many Thanks to Jay Sawyer Voiceovers!


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