Ken Gilbert; Dean Richards, 102.9 WDRC-FM Hartford | March, 1988

Ken GilbertDate of Recording: 03.1988 (exact date unknown)
Station: 102.9 WDRC-FM Hartford, Connecticut
Featured Air Personality: Ken Gilbert, Dean Richards
Contributor: Ken Gilbert
Date of Contribution: 8.12.16
Aircheck Entry: 1,432

“…here comes Cher – I think this before she had tatoos and a big flamed bird on her backend!”


Some radio recordings should never be hidden under a lamp – or in a box! Our second offering from the newly minted Ken Gilbert collection is this, super-high quality cassette of WDRC-FM (Big-D 103) from March of 1988. Its difficult to pin down a time on this, and the tape does not necessarily roll in chronological order. We hear Squirt (Gilbert), then a few minutes in, Dean Richards, then it finishes out with Gilbert. While the audio is overall, very good, it does vary in quality somewhat. I’ve cleaned up the dead spaces in the tape to create one, seamless aircheck for continuity of listening.

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