“Radio Timtron International” – a ‘crapout’ on WBCQ Shortwave | May 28, 2011

Timtron, Timothy M. SmithDate of Recording: 05.28.2011
Station: WBCQ Worldwide (Shortwave), Monticello, Maine
Featured Air Personality: Timothy M. Smith (WA1HLR)
Contributor: Mark Shaylor
Aircheck Entry: 1,434

“Well, folks, we’ve had a crap-out here at the studio…”


Without a doubt, this is the most unusual aircheck you’ve ever heard. There is some information on the web about the subject of this broadcast, Timothy M. Smith, known to his listeners as “Timtron”, or “Radio Timtron International”, as his show is aired on WBCQ Shortwave.

Essentially, the main board shorted out during a live broadcast, and listeners are treated to a play-by-play of restoration. This is shortwave, yet this is more entertaining than most AM stations these days! Or so your webmaster thinks!

Note the periods of silence when the song “Shine” cuts out. Your computer is still playing the aircheck, just wait it out to hear the fun!