Ken Gilbert, “Jukebox Saturday Night” – 102.9 WDRC-FM Hartford | May 6, 1989

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KenGilbert-InStudioDate of Recording: 05.06.1989
Station: 102.9 WDRC-FM Hartford, Connecticut
Featured Air Talent: Ken Gilbert
Contributor: Ken Gilbert
Aircheck Entry: 1,434

…Ah – Petula Clark, makes me want to eat spaghetti! This is My Song


Its a week before DRC-FM’s 50th anniversary, and the station is all geared up for it. Constant mentions of WDRC being America’s FIRST FM radio station. Well, it might be the first one, Doolittle’s newfangled invention sure did revolutionize radio but it would take 25 years and a shift in frequencies off the old 49 megahertz band and a push for receivers to finally win an audience.

This aircheck really speaks for itself! Ken Gilbert is his merry old self and just does such a great job handling callers and taking requests. But hey, this was every jocks dream job, they just didn’t know it back then, at least looking back from how things are today. Just listen. And enjoy. Plenty more from KG and Big D 103!

102.9 Hartford WDRC-FM Big D 103


  1. Hi how can I listen to this aircheck? I go to the audio player link and nothing comes up.

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