Kevin Manning, 92.9 WZGC Z-93 Atlanta | 1979

92.9 Atlanta WZGC Z-93

Submitted by longtime contributor Jay Sawyer, here’s one of the shortest airchecks on the site! This is intended to be a tribute to Kevin Manning from his good friend Jay Sawyer. Manning passed away in 2018 but there are a couple of airchecks remaining out there and Sawyer asked us to post them with the full permission of Manning’s family.

This aircheck is important for two reasons. First, it shows off the incredibly high-energy of this format… same one used at the former WIFI 92 (92.3) Philadelphia around the same time. This was a time, 1979, when FM stations were really trying their hardest to grab young people’s attention, away from the big AM Top 40 stations. That strategy worked, and within 5 years most of the big Top 40 AM stations were gone, save for a handful of holdouts. Second, listen to how uptempo Kevin Manning sounds! He put everything he had into the format and it sounded great. It took a special breed of jock to keep up this energy level for four hours straight, but this is how Kevin Manning sounded… in fact that’s how all the Z-93 jocks sounded all day!

Enjoy this one minute of classic, late 70s Top 40 FM, then go check out the rest of this online museum… with over 2100 individual aircheks all free for you to listen. Thanks for checking us out!


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