Final Moments & Station Sign Off Of KQV 1410 Pittsburgh | December 31 2017

Final Moments & Station Sign Off Of KQV 1410 Pittsburgh | December 31 2017

Through much of it’s existence, 1410 KQV was a fairly popular station. During it’s top 40 days in the 1960s & 70s, some legendary names graced the KQV microphones. Names like Chuck Brinkman, Fred Winston, Dave Scott, George Hart, Hal Murray, Bob DeCarlo, Jim Quinn and Jeff Christie (better known today as Rush Limbaugh).

October 15, 1975, KQV dropped Top 40 & switched to an all-news format, carrying NBC Radio’s 24-hour News and Information Service. Even though NBC cancelled this service two years later, KQV continued as an all-news station using local anchors and reporters for 40 years.

On December 15, 2017, KQV owner Robert Dickey, Jr. announced that KQV would suspend broadcasting on December 31, 2017.Dickey said his sister’s death was the primary reason for the pending shutdown, also noting that all-news radio was becoming too expensive to support in an industry where advertising revenues were declining. He also stated that he did not want to change KQV’s format because all-news was the only one he knew or wanted to air on the station. KQV  spent much of the following two years silent. The station ultimately returned to the air December 19, 2019, simulcasting easy listening station WKGO.

This aircheck features the final minutes of the original KQV, and it’s signoff. -Ellis

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