Kevin Porter & Unknown, 95.1 KQRX Odessa Midland | January 27, 2002

Here’s one for Alternative lovers-
95X is gone, but in the early part of the last decade, KQRX was calling themselves “Odessa Midland’s New Rock Alternative”. And for good reason. The playlist reads like a whose who of Alt Rock bands from the end of the Grunge era.

Now, unless you’re a radio person (and chances are, if you’re here, you are…), you probably scratched your head every time the first jock who doesn’t identify himself started to speak. Because if you’ll listen carefully, you’ll hear an echo (in the music only). Well, fluffy, that’s because voice tracking was still a relatively un-refined art in ’02. Sure, it had been around for about 5 years, but sometimes the software (BSI Wavestation, anyone?) didn’t silence the music track that the jock voicetracking heard in his studio, and it came across as an overlay over the top of the song playing in automation. Its not supposed to do that and there are safeguards in most systems to prevent it.

Anyway, that’s the big notable on this aircheck. I was telling a friend as I produced this that it sure brought me back to my days at WMBZ (94-1 The Buzz), the music did, that is.

The second jock heard on this is Kevin Porter. Its obvious that he’s live on his shift.

KQRX has been Adult Hits “Bob-FM” since March, 2007.


  1. Sharlaree Porter

    Hey! Kevin’s my husband! I’m going to let him hear this as soon as he gets home! Sunday evenings he produced a show called The Sunday Night Resurrection…people today still talk about it, remoresful since March 2007.

  2. Kevin Porter

    The first jock is Ace O’Connell, last I heard he went back home to new York state.

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