October 19, 2021

3 thoughts on “KFMB-FM “B-100” San Diego – A Year of <em>Better Boogie</em> | April 9-13, 1976

  1. Typo…B-100 signed on in March 1975.

    This is the first birthday in 1976. On both occasions, PD Bobby Rich did 100 hours commercial-free and brought in a bunch of L.A. and San Diego jocks to do an hour or two each.

    Nine months after this, Jimi Foxx took Willie B., Rich Brother Robbin, Chuck Browning and Beaver Cleaver up to L.A. to launch KTNQ, which was never as much fun as B-100.

  2. That was great to hear this wonderful Air Check, in fact The Fox had me record the entire 100 Hours. We were the best radio station in San Diego and the very best radio people in the business, and I was a part of it.

  3. wow it must of been fun to be a part of this air check, some great bits from the jocks,you know they were having a blast
    I wish radio still had that flair and was fun to work in now its just work and no frills or thrills,however a few chills in the bis and no persanality in the announcers and no more live radio it sucks………….

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