KRI loses its Z– The Chucker and Jack Elliot on KRIZ Phoenix | September, 1977

1230 Phoenix KRIZ Billboard 1977

1230 Phoenix KRIZ Sales Flyer

What are we supposed to do with your paycheck while you’re gone? – Give it away!!

From deep in the archives of Contributor Daniel Coulombe comes this excellent quality recording of KRIZ in the Fall of 1977. This starts out with “Chucker” as the jock and a voice (we don’t know who) walks in and proceeds to announce that he (Zee) is going on vacation. Thus comes the contest, where in the world is Zee. Callers are instructed to call in and say “KRI plays the best music!” The legal I.D. is buried in a top of the hour Zee promotion. How they got away with this is anyone’s guess.

This aircheck was taken from Tom Konard’s “Around The Dial” tape from September 1977.  Konard’s company was called “The Aircheck Factory”  We have other airchecks from the “Around the Dial” monthly subscription service, some donated by Robyn Watts, others by our Canadian connection, Daniel Coulombe.  This was tape #12

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