Larry Scott; The Time Machine, 66 WNBC New York | September 6, 1987 6:30 – 7:30 PM

Larry Scott’s got the perfect radio ‘voice’, don’t you think?

Every Time Machine program, WNBC seems to be airing a new, different PAMS jingle. Some are used frequently, such as the Chime jingle and the “Oh, the Weather’s On…” Jingle. Others seem to come out of nowhere. WABC in the 1960s ran hundreds of jingles from numerous packages in any given day even though at certain time periods they were promoting a certain set… the Music POW POW POWER! jingle set comes to mind in the late 60s – WABC aired the core POWER jingles, but the jocks frequently added other cuts from the different packages over the years. True to history, WNBC seemingly did the same thing.

But one thing stayed the same, program after program for many years: The WNBC Time Machine, formatically, was polished and true to the original presentation of WABC in the 1960. Add in WNBC News, NBC Network News, Traffic and Beach reports and you’ve got one hell of a big radio station.

So, here’s another step into the Time Machine that we hope you’ll enjoy. Have a nice trip!
Courtesy Frank Davis…

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  1. bruce

    Aside from the mismanagement, without a doubt,the biggest tragedy of GE taking over RCA was the dismantling of the NBC radio network. Unfortunately,America isnt a country that has a sense of historical importance, thats why they keep making the same mistakes……and radio stations with the historical signifigance, like this one, goes by the wayside.

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