Ellen Rockwell, WFLY FLY-92 Troy (Albany) | January 27, 1998

92.3 Albany WFLY

WFLY 92.3

Description by Steve West:

Yes, WFLY was a huge powerhouse station, from the early 80s on, and this time, we hear Ellen Rockwell on FLY-92! She does one of Leeza Gibbons’ Entertainment Tonight reports during her show! One thing that makes this an historic aircheck is the news that “Seinfeld” is ending with the next episode. Do you remember?

Ellen Rockwell… voice sounds so much like Gibbons! No matter. This is an outstanding aircheck for a number of reasons. First, the year is 1998 and WFLY has fantastic local talent. Second, listen for REVERB!!! Third, this is a super-clean, HD quality recording! The tape survived 10 years of abuse and sounds great. Now, over 20 years have passed and the difference between CHR in ’98 and CHR today in 2018 are STARK! Enjoy!


  1. Ellen Rockwell

    Wow! Hey–that’s me! What a blast from the past–thanks so much for posting it! Listening makes me really miss radio. Thanks again!

    • Hello Ellen! Your welcome. Nice to see you here. Have a Happy New Year! – West

  2. David Ridgeway Jr.

    FYI, my father (Dave Ridgeway Sr.) was DJ Johnny Lance one of the original 92FLY rock DJ’s. He still lives in Albany and owned a Mobil gas station on Clinton and Quail Street before selling it in 1987. He is now retired.

  3. hi david does your father have any airchecks from his days at fly92 would love to hear em thanks jim b

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