Magic Matt Alan in the Morning, Sirius Totally 70’s | 2007

70s On 7

Magic Matt AlanWe don’t as a rule post Satellite Radio airchecks, mainly because we’re interested in the authentic broadcasts of classic AM and FM radio. Sent in by contributor Brett Provo (current Production Director for WMAS-FM Springfield MA), this is an exception to our rule.

Magic Matt Allen is genuinely FUNNY. As the morning man on the now-defunct Totally 70s channel on Sirius before the merger with XM, Matt had a unique sense of timing and his one liners remind us of Dan Ingram and his ability to quip a one liner over a song intro. That’s a talent which is truly a GIFT, not acquired. Really, gang, you can’t make this stuff up.

Yes, some of Satellite radio is voice tracked, some channels are lame, and others not, but every now and then some fantastic talent is found there.

Alan is currently heard on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio Network ’70s on 7 (As of 2016)


Totally 70s on Sirius Satellite Radio before the XM Merger



  1. Brett Provo

    I should mention Magic Matt Alan still does the Morning show on Sirius/XM 70s on 7, and is host of his own radio show from the bar he built in the back yard of his Encino, CA. home called Outlaw Radio every Saturday live from 6PM til the last one passes out! listen at //

  2. Chris B

    Man, I’m glad someone thinks he’s funny.

    Listening to this guy talk over the intro of every song — the intros we used to be able to hear before the Sirius / XM merger – is just agony.

    Is he near retirement age? I’d be happy to chip in for a gold watch if that’s what it takes to get rid of him.

    • Dave

      I can understand why you don’t like him but for me he is the best thing on the satellite. He took some getting used to though.

    • Cathys06h3

      I totally agree..there is too much talk on the xm music channels now. I dont think Magic Matt is funny at all. It really annoying to hear him talk and talk and talk..shut up already. We are paying for a no talk and no commercial radio.

    • Richard Green

      I have had Sirius XM radio for several years now but am seriously thinking about cancelling because of Magic Matt (Moron Matt would be more appropriate). I love 70’s on 7 except when he is on the air. Quite frankly I would rather listen to commercials on our local broadcast 70’s station (KLOU FM) over listening to this buffoon. He is not the least bit funny, not the least. When he starts with that bullshit, “As beautiful as a bird in flight” routine (which he does several times a day)I have to change the channel to avoid getting sick to my stomach. I have never heard anything remotely funny come out of this man’s mouth and I am at the point that I am no longer willing to pay for this service as long as this moron is on the air.

      • Apparently Sirius hasn’t got any problem getting others to pay. That’s the whole issue though, as I remembered it, back when the two satellite services were launching. XM’s Dave Logan personally told me that rampup and launch costs were prohibitive but XM (and Sirius) thought that over time, the subscriptions would be enough to cover costs including talent. When you pay your subscription, you don’t pay for one specific channel (unless its one of those ‘premium’ channels), your subscription pays for the whole service. Don’t like a particular jock? Email corporate. Unlike terrestrial radio, one bad apple really CAN spoil the bunch.

        I liked Matt Allen. Had the 70s channel back in the old days before Sirius/XM merged and it was good back then. Haven’t had a subscription for a few years though and I kinda miss it.

  3. Dave J.

    Sorry Chris. If you want to hear the intros, buy an IPOD or CDs! This is the way radio in the 70s was. After all the Station is called Totally 70s!

  4. Shawn W.

    I find some of Magic Matt’s schtick to be tiresome as well, but I do appreciate that he is doing “classic 70’s radio”. Together with Broadway Bill Lee (classy) in middays and JJ Walker (great 70’s throwback delivery and segueways) in afternoon drive, this really does sound like a lineup you would have heard on the radio in the 70’s.

  5. howard

    totally unrelated….just heard mgic matt “filling in” for casey kasem on american top40! extremely well done! already love magic matt on sirius 7! the question i have is why? did they lose a show? did casey actually have that week off? didnt he just start the show in 1970?

  6. Rich

    Please stop talking over the intros to the songs! You don’t need to fit in a commercial! Please !!!

  7. Marty

    For those of you who don’t like when a disc jockey talks over the intros of songs, then why are you on this website? The main point of this website is to showcase airchecks of air talent over the years. Like Dave J. mentioned, if you don’t like to hear talk ups, then go somewhere else and listen to your iPod…

  8. rog

    He’s an asshole that just can’t shut the hell up!

    • Richard Green

      I finally stopped listening to that station because it seemed like Moron Matt was always on the air. I have NEVER heard him say anything that was even remotely funny! I don’t have a problem with a DJ. I have a problem with listening to a buffoon! The other stations on Sirius XM have some fantastic DJ’s. As a matter of fact I like all of the DJ’s on 70’s on 7 except Magic Matt. He has a great voice, it’s just the stupidity that drives me crazy.

  9. I grew up on radio. My first job(s) out of college were in radio. I LOVE radio. But I pay for Sirius so I don’t have to listen to people like this talk. He sounds like his material is left over from The Electric Weenie, from a previous century.

  10. mike

    Please stop talking over the intros to the songs! Also, this guy is not only not funny, he makes it impossible to listen to the 70’s, which is my favorite station. Bought an MP3 player to plug into my radio and will be canceling Sirius/Xm soon.

    • And then what do you have left? Anyone can listen to an MP3 player, which you say you are doing. For many others, however, its what went on between the records that was important. Its all in what you like, I guess.

  11. Marc Boyer

    Again with the whining, Dick Green? Magic Matt sounds great!

  12. Jon Wade

    heard you talking about the 70s rock and romance cruise we want on this year in March it was unbelievable

  13. rockin' ron kay

    MM is outstanding…..for the uninitiated; intros were made to be talked over….the whole idea was amusement-fun-stupid-silly-engaging all the elements of a radio pal having a good time with the YOU the listener…..who was actually listening to the live “performance art”…talkin dirty and playin’ da hits. Kudos Mr. Alan for keeping the dead alive. If you want sterile “this is… that was”… and ho hum…..just download plain music and turn the radio off. ….. special thanks to Steve West for posting one of the most refreshing current airchexxs I’ve heard in quite a while.

    • Well, Ron, I wouldn’t exactly say ‘current’, this one is over 10 years old now. But I suppose, since he’s STILL there doing that gig today. And I agree. I really like him. Others, not so much. All depends upon what you like I guess.

      • rockin ron

        anything in the new millennium is current, compared to the days of classic AM Hit based Radio 50’s-60’s70’s ….is current….Magic Matt is carrying on the sacred tradition……… lame morning zoo’s……no plastic corporate formatting….Ray-Dee-OHHH.

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