Magic Matt Alan in the Morning, Sirius Totally 70’s | 2007

70s On 7

We don’t as a rule post Satellite Radio airchecks, mainly because we’re interested in the authentic broadcasts of classic AM and FM radio. Sent in by contributor Brett Provo (current Production Director for WMAS-FM Springfield MA), this is an exception to our rule.

Magic Matt Allen is genuinely FUNNY. As the morning man on the now-defunct Totally 70s channel on Sirius before the merger with XM, Matt had a unique sense of timing and his one liners remind us of Dan Ingram and his ability to quip a one liner over a song intro. That’s a talent which is truly a GIFT, not acquired. Really, gang, you can’t make this stuff up.

Yes, some of Satellite radio is voice tracked, some channels are lame, and others not, but every now and then some fantastic talent is found there.

Alan is currently heard on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio Network ’70s on 7 (As of 2016)


Totally 70s on Sirius Satellite Radio before the XM Merger