Market Bandscan, East Tennessee | Late 90s classic radio airchecks

What could happen to things in the year 2000? Yet another one of those questions that worried everyone in the late 90s as computers took over seemingly every aspect of society (and they thought it was bad in the 90s?). You’ll hear of yet another, so-they-thought upcoming Y2K possibility by John Bascomb, NBC News, during one stop on a nearly continuous, fourty-plus minute scan of the FM band around Eastern Tennessee sometime in the late 1990s.

Its difficult to nail down the date of this recording, partly because while you get the general idea of when and where, the scan doesn’t really stop for long – at least not in commercial breaks. The person who recorded this obviously would stop on a song he or she liked, then tune up or down and back into the song… a true FM hobby listener for sure! And, given the range of radio stations heard in this, it seems obvious to your producer that this was recorded at a relatively high elevation – which wouldn’t necessarily be out of the ordinary for East Tennessee, as much of that part of the Volunteer State is in the Smokey Mountains!

What stations do you hear? Hmmm.. not to give away the store here, but one is “US 101” WUSY Chattanooga. You’ll hear just about all the formats out there, from snippets of old time Gospel and preaching, to Country, to old Country to Alternative, AC, HotAC, even R&B/Rap – it’s all represented. The cities heard in Legal IDs: Oak Ridge, Knoxville, Chattanooga.

This one is for the true FM radio hobbyist; the Dx-er’s out there, the geeks and Ham Radio guys who enjoy just scanning to see what they can hear – Yes, there’s a bunch of us, and this one is for you!

Aircheck #1,376 since May 2, 2002!

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    this was recorded in late June or early July of 1998.Enter your comment here…

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