Mike Demambro, 105.7 WVBF Framingham/Boston | December 31, 1980

…don’t bring any kind of fire water into the city!

Salvaged from my personal collection, here’s Mike Demambro on a somewhat subdued WVBF toward the end of the ‘F-105’ era.

It’s New Year’s Eve, and WVBF was in the waning days of Top 40 before going what would be VERY soft AC within a year. Still, listen for all the hits as a Boston legend rang in 1981!

Most notable on this aircheck, jingles which hadn’t been used on WVBF since about 1977. Not sure who made em, but “New England Listens to F-105” was a great theme for these jingles… thematics, of course, nothing new to Boston. These might have been put on the air in response to 98.5 WROR‘s legendary “I’d Rather Be In Boston” jingle series… jingles which literally got requested more than songs!
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Compare this aircheck, to THIS ONE featuring Jo Jo Kincaid from nearly two years earlier. WVBF was as close to a hot CHR (before the term existed) as one could get on FM at that time. And that was the legacy of Fairbanks’ WVBF – a true rocker which, had FM taken off a bit earlier, would have destroyed crosstown 68 WRKO.