Mike Erickson on 91.9 WSHR Lake Ronkonkoma NY | May 31, 2005

91.9 Ronkonkoma WSHR

And we thought nobody was doing radio like this anymore!

Contributor Mike Erickson sent this along on a CD with two home recorded WCBS-FM airchecks that we’ll be featuring starting June 3. This is real, honest-to-goodness Oldies radio done right! And, it’s not done by a station owned by some large corporation, no, this station is owned by Sachem Central School District Holbrook (according to Radio-Locator.com anyway) out on Long Island.

Mike didn’t say and we’re not sure if this is the regular station format or a specialty show, but it sure SOUNDS real. Somebody really remembers classic top 40 radio. And Mike’s a pretty good jock, too!

We included this on airchexx.com, among other things, to show how Oldies radio SHOULD sound (at least we think). Not that it matters much, with most Oldies stations going the way of the dinosaur. Still, for those who remember, this will sound good to your ears!

Thanks, Mike, for sharing!



  1. Patricia Barile

    Here in Akron WSTB offers up some great oldies all day on Sunday, called the Sunday Oldies Jukebox. Great presentation, real 50’s and 60’s oldies. See //www.sundayoldiesjukebox.com

  2. Peter Horn

    This sounds great for a college community station. I’d love to know where the Jingles came from.. Better than what you here on so called “commercial radio” these days.

  3. Mark Laura

    This is a very cool web site! I was excited to see that one of our Jocks put an air check for people to listen.

    Yes! WSHR is a real radio station. We are a non-for-profit, educational station owned by our school district. When CBS changed formats, New York had a void.
    Based on the response to the loss, we felt it was important to continue where CBS left off. If you are out on Long Island, try to give us a listen.

  4. thomas bennett

    the oldies they play on wshr – sachem north radio station are great!! Why do they stop at 2 pm — keep the oldies on all day!!

  5. krysta

    So Ive only heard this song on your station and I love it. It goes like
    I will take you home tonight, take you home forever, staring at satellites…..

    ring a bell? please help its driving me nuts

  6. Dan

    hey..i’ love this station!!..espically when the rck turns on..i got a question..whats the name of the song that have the lyrics: only a miracle can save you now, but i’m not sure if miracles happen to people like you..please help me to knwo what song that it..please!!!i love that song..please e-mail with that song that it is…

  7. tony

    I’m looking for name of and artist to song dan is asking about. more lyrics include “Just like baseball everyone strikes out” “you know I’ve been through this a thousand times before” t_f_rules@yahoo.com

  8. Great oldies channel plays a great verity of songs this channel should be all day long i think people would want that. Thanks for the music.

  9. Erica Weiss l.p.n.

    Last night I feel in love with the d.j…..Isn’t there some kind of 70’s groove like that? I think Mike Erickson is amazing.He gets your requests like a really good bartender gets what you want.He makes you remember what fun is just in case you ever forgot. His format is similar to pre corporate, marth stewart,mark goodman mtv used to be. thank god some people still get it!Looking forward to becoming a dedicated listener.

  10. Keep that Parise guy on. He plays some awesome tracks and supports all of the local bands! Rock on!

  11. sonia

    Love your choice of music. I enjoy “Sunday Sinatra” the most.

    Thank you!!!!

  12. Chip Ordway

    Mike has one of the most well-tuned ears in the biz, and his jockeying ain’t so bad either! Nice to find the aircheck posted!

  13. Mike is AMAZING! Every time I hear that air check i’m blown away. I don’t think there’s a better jock out there!

  14. Leonard Cohen

    Not only is the selection of oldies great, but the audio quality by far surpasses what you get on the commercial stations. MY only problem is that I live at the fringe of WSHR’s signal, so reception isnt great at home, but whenever I get into the car and head east, I always push the “91.9 FM” button on my car radio!

  15. Anthony Marciano

    My family and I have enjoyed your radio station for the past 3 years. We especially enjoy the jazz on week-ends. However, lately I finf I can not get the sation in anymore. It is as if you just disapeared off the face of the earth. I live in Smithtown and never had any problem until about a month ago. I can not get you on my home stereo or in the car. My son has noticed the same. Are you having transmitter problems? I really miss your station.

  16. bob maccone

    r u at max power? since back on air i have poor reception

  17. Eric McBride

    “i will take you home tonight, take you home forever staring at satellites”

    Satellites by Cherry Monroe

  18. Jeff Stevens

    Mike is one of the most well radio guys you will find… proof being this presentation. I am privileged to have worked with Mike!

  19. Dave O

    I like the sound! I was part of wshr 1980-81. When will it b available on line?? I live in Illinois & have for the last 21 years. I sure would like to listen again!

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