Mike St. John, Oldies 98.1 WOGL Philadelphia | November 5, 1997

WOGL no longer identifies itself as “Oldies 98”, as many stations in recent years have dropped most music from the 1960s and even early 70s from their playlists. However, the “Oldies” format was alive and well in the late 90s. Here’s a 45 minute ‘check of WOGL Philadelphia, featuring Mike St. John. It was recorded during the midday drive time between 11:30 am and 12:15 pm on 11/5/97.

Fans of WOGL are cordially invited to comment on this world-premier aircheck presentation!

98.1 WOGL "Oldies 98" circa 1990s


  1. Tony

    Oldies 98 had an exceptional lineup in the late 1990s: St. John middays (what happened to him?!) Don Cannon in the mornings (stalest DJ on radio), the legendary Hy Lit afternoons (RIP) and Christy Springfield with Backstreet Memories evenings. Only Bob Pantano, hosting the Saturday Night Dance Party for 35 years, and Harvey Holiday with the Sunday night oldies show, is still in the spot he occupied then.

  2. Michael McDevitt (aka) Butchwax

    This Sounds Great, miss the Good old Days of being his producer known as Butchwax, and working with the Legendary Hy Lit also

  3. Gloria Suppa

    I was very surprised to see/hear this on Butchwaxs’ (mike McDevitt) page. They were the good old days, and I miss them very much. Although,Ido not know why Mike St John left, I do know it was extremely detrimental to the midday show and the station in general. Mike , HyLit, and Butchwax were/are AWESOME. I never missed Mike St Johns’ show, and I always faxed, and called in on the hot lunch. On the other hand, I may still listen while in the car, and from time to time,but I do not call in any longer because, the fun left with Mike. I hope more of Mike St Johns’ shows’ are posted here.Thank you

    • Michael McDevitt (aka) Butchwax

      Thanx Gloria, Butchwax appreciates this Alot ! Hope Mike St. John see’s this !!

    • Alan Rosenfeld

      In sept 2003 Anne Gress became Program Director fpr WOGL—In jan 2004—SHE FLABERGASTED—SHE BLEW MIKE ST JOHN OUT. Mike St John would absolutely positively NOT BE COMPATIBLE WITH WOGL—HE is 50’s and 60’s—Can’t picture him playing 70’s and 80’s—Same with Charlie Bennett,The LATE Hy Lit and Jim Nettleton

  4. Gloria Suppa

    You are welcome, but all I did was state the truth.

  5. Michael McDevitt (aka) Butchwax

    Keep the Memories Alive for Oldies 98.1 WOGL and Mike St. John we all miss him !


  6. Alfred Crispi

    Yo Mike where are you. I remember listening to you everyday. Your show was great. I hope you come back to the show and do your oooohbaby hot lunch. I really enjoyed requesting songs because you always played them. I am sorry to say I do not listenany longer but I will if you come bac.

  7. Debby Cosner

    Wow….does this bring back memories. Yes, something is definitely missing now on 98.1

    • Michael McDevitt (aka) Butchwax

      Need Mike St.John and Butchwax back for that Crazy Hot Lunch special OOOh Baby , Dont Forget James Brown- Try Me also those were the Days of Fun Times !

  8. Alfred Crispi

    Yes, Butchwax, that would be great. Beth and I would it if both of you came back.

  9. Michael McDevitt (aka) Butchwax

    You Need to let the Station know !

  10. Lisa

    Yo Mike!!!! It’s so great to hear you again!!! Why did you leave??!!!!!! My friends and I used to listen to you everyday and call in…we felt like we were part of the show…you really listened. The interaction between you and your fans was awesome!!!! Hope you come back to Oldies 98 soon..I don’t listen much but if youncome back I will!!!!!!!!!

    Lisa P.S. Post some more of your shows on here!!!!!!

  11. Michael McDevitt (aka) Butchwax

    Lisa, That is so true many of his listeners miss him! I was his producer and I miss him too, he is such a mentoir to me I learned so much about Radio from him !

  12. Michael McDevitt (aka) Butchwax

    You can check out Butchwax on internet radio his name is Mike Voss every Sun.3-5 pm on phillygoldradio.com Check him out playing the Great Oldies Mike played on Oldies 98.1 WOGL !

  13. Freddie

    OOOh Baby,Just wanted to say I hope you have a very happy birthday. Can you please play ding a ling 2x lol … … You know, a little while ago, I forgot how to work a fax, but since college, I can spell much better. lol lol

  14. Alfred Crispi

    Allen Rosenfield , I have to totally disagree with you. I went to all the clubs that Mike was at. He always played a great deal of music from the 70’s and the 80’s. Actually, he played more music from that era then any of the other personalities. On the other hand I called the station many times and asked for some songs from the 70’s and the 80’s to be played, when personalities other then Mike St John were on air and each time I was told they were not allowed!!! One of the biggest mistakes the station made was to allow Mike St John to leave the station. I have listened to him when he was at another station and I heard him play many songs from the 70’s and 80’s. I believe your station was much better with him then it is without him. He was a friendly likeable personality who always interacted with his listeners, and he made the hot lunch so much fun. I also liked Butchwax, and Hylet . It would be so nice to have him back on air.

    • Alan Rosenfeld

      THANKS FOR YOUR RESPONSE—How about emailing WOGL PD Anne Gress

      It probably was a financial decision.

  15. carl

    Wow I would kill to have this station back! ! It’s great hearing all those Oldies 98 jingles again. Why can’t someone do a Web radio station of Oldies 98 just leave out the WOGL do a Web station called oldies 98 with jingles. Or even better bring back Oldies 1210 WOGL

  16. Big Ray Arney

    Yes Mike was a great radio personality but his talent didn’t stop there. He also was a great niteclub dj/personality. Two of his hot spots were the Coastline on Monday nights and the nite club across from the Deptford mall on Thursday night. Back in the day they were the number 1 spots which He built up. Wish he was back. Does anyone know where he went to? Big Ray

    • Alan Rosenfeld

      I have been wondering too—I tried googling him NO LUCK. I posed several months ago on allaccess net talk NO LUCK

  17. Gloria Suppa

    I was a regular at the Coastline and Adelphia’s. I knew Mike well and I never missed a Monday or a Thursday. I also went to Prospecters when he was there. I faxed and called the station when he was on. My friends and I always had our reqrest played. He did play more of the 70’s and 80’s then any other radio personality there. Anyone who attended the, Coastline, Adelphias , or Prospecters ,on the evenings he was there, would agree, he played a great deal of the 70’s and 80’s.I miss him as well and would love to see him back. I remember , he was gone from wogl for a few months and did a short stint with another radio station. He had such a good following with that station, that when he went back to wogl, they wanted him back. I did not know he left so I called in to get a song played and they said , if you talk to him , please let him know we would love to have him back, he was great. We should all write to wogl letting them know how much we miss him, and want him back. As far as contacting him . If you can not find him, that must mean he does not want to be found. However, if they wanted him back at Wogl I am sure they would know exactly how to contact him.As I said, we should all contact the statino as soon as possible.

  18. Jeff "The Motor Man"

    Mike was the best. Philly oldies died a bit when Mike left. I saw him many times at venues outside of the station. I was a dedicated listener to him, Hyski and HH. It’s not the same. A car guy like me, he coined me “The Motor Man” when I called in for requests or dedications. I heard he is in the Pittsburgh area. Having two relatives in the business, AJ “Al” Brooks and his son, Shinn on WPST, plus a client, Michelle Jerson, formerly of New Jersey 101.5, I’m told radio is a cutt throat, dog-eat-dog business.

  19. Gloria Suppa

    From what I have heard you are correct. I believe, his son Sean is in the business. There were many dedicated listeners, who are sadly disappointed that Mike is no longer participating in the line up at 98.1. It behooves me, why someone, whose position it is to add to the positive performance of 98.1 radio station would even consider firing one of its top personalities. Let us consider, for the moment these facts. When Mike was there, the station was very popular, when Mike left the popularity of the station fell. According to Alan Rosenfield,” In sept 2003 Anne Gress became Program Director fpr WOGL—In jan 2004—SHE FLABERGASTED—SHE BLEW MIKE ST JOHN OUT. Mike St John would absolutely positively NOT BE COMPATIBLE WITH WOGL—HE is 50′s and 60′s—Can’t picture him playing 70′s and 80′s—Same with Charlie Bennett,The LATE Hy Lit and Jim Nettleton. Now the stations ratings have decreased tremendously. It seems to me, that Anne Gress needs to be fired and Mike St John rehired!!!! Obviously , she made a very big mistake!!! I have not emailed the station, because I believe Mike is happy where ever he is, and enjoying his retirement. If I thought he truly wanted to return I would then reconnect with the many followers of his to petition for his return. After all is said, I and many others miss Mike , his hot lunch, and his night club performances. In a few days, Mike will be celebrating his birthday. I would like to wish you a very happy and blessed birthday. Also, I hope that you are smiling knowing how many people wish you were still a radio personality on 98.1 Ps. I attended a few semesters of college with my daughter and learned my way around the computer, and received grades of A & B”S. I CAN FINALLY SPELL WELL!!!!lol lol lol Between you and I , I still use spell check. lol

    • Gloria, its important to note that station formats are chosen based upon the sales’ departments ability to sell commercial airtime. Today, everything is very data oriented, meaning, even commercial buyers are looking at the numbers, meaning, the age group listening to a particular radio station, not so much the ratings. In short, while it may seem rediculous to some of us, as a general rule, ad buyers will not advertise on stations that cater to an age group that they don’t think is going to shop in their stores. Its always been that way to a degree, but now there’s so much hard data to show what age groups of people are purchasing what, that people who do buy radio airtime are very choosy. WOGL is a Classic Hits station, just like all the former “Oldies” stations that CBS owns – stations that used to play music from the 50s and 60s.

      So why no 50s music? Well, given that as a general rule, people who remember 50 music when it was new would have been born sometime in the 1930s and 1940s (which would make those listeners teenagers and early 20-somethings in the 50s), and that means that those listeners are in their 70s and 80s now. People that old as a rule aren’t out purchasing things unless they absolutely need them. But, listeners who remember 70s and 80s music are now in their 50s and into their 60s at the older end… and those retirees and nearly retirees ARE making big ticket purchases. That is why the music skews newer today.

      Given that that is the formula, in essence, which radio stations use to pick gold-based formats, just wait 10 years. “Oldies” stations will be playing mainly 80s and 90s music with a few 70s and 00s thrown in for good measure. And that’s IF radio is still around in its present form. With technology expanding exponentially, its possible there will be no radio around in 10 years, at least nothing that resembles today’s radio.

      Hope that explanation helps. And yes, like you, I lament the lack of talent, and music from the early years of Rock & Roll. For that, you have to just come here to Airchexx… and as I get more tapes from that era they’ll go up for your listening pleasure!

  20. Alan Rosenfeld

    It’s been 10 years since Mike St John been on WOGL—When Anne Gress became their PD in sept 2003—JAN 04 WOGL had a shakeup.


    • Mike Mcd.

      You would be Surprised MSJ does very well playing 70’s & 80’s

    • gloria suppa

      Harey Holiday is still there, and he did the dowap show. That is real oldies. He is doing very well, and so would Mike and the others that were blown out. Besides, HH there are other very good personalities that are still there, and doing well. Yes , I and others can picture Mike St John being compatible with ogl, because I saw and heard him doing it at the clubs.

  21. Gloria, I am amazed to see how much people remember my father! He is alive and well and enjoying his retirement. Don’t believe the hype, medical issues is what caused his disappearance. You are right, I have my own internet station that is mainly talk radio. We do everything from comedy to conspiracy. You should be a pi you have some great investigation skills. I want to thank everyone for your kind words. I know dad would appreciate it.
    Sean Ras (st.john)

    • Jeff The Motor Man

      Great news Sean. Tell pop I said hello.

    • Alan Rosenfeld


      It’s been 10 years since he’s been here in phila pa on WOGL–He wouldn’t be compatible with WOGL the station plays a lot of 70’s and 80’s. I can picture him being on iradiophilly BANDSTAND CHANNEL

  22. Alan Stone


    Thank you for the update on your father. I remember vividly his days in Philadelphia Radio. When he was hosting “The Original Saturday Night Oldies Show on both WPEN and WMGK he frequently referred to you. I met him in 1979 when he was on WPEN 950 AM at a weeknight appearance and saw him occasionally including several occasions when he was the mid day personality at WOGL from 1989-Jan, 2004.He was an ICON in Philadelphia Radio, and will always be remembered that way.

  23. Alan Stone

    Sean, Thank you for the update on your father. I remember vividly his days in Philadelphia Radio. When he was hosting “The Original Saturday Night Oldies Show on both WPEN and WMGK he frequently referred to you. I met him in 1979 when he was on WPEN 950 AM at a weeknight appearance and saw him occasionally including several occasions when he was the mid day personality at WOGL from 1989-Jan, 2004.He was an ICON in Philadelphia Radio, and will always be remembered that way.

  24. Rick Lesley

    I totally disagree withe Alan Rosenfeld’s comment here referring to Anne Gress blowing him out and saying Mike didn’t fill the mold of the direction of the station. Mike was an excellent jock But it is the responcibility of the PD to act in the best overall interest of the station
    and there are always things they must do to stay focused in aimming in this direction .
    Since Anne Gress took over the PD spot at OGL the station has consistently remained in the Top 5 rated station’s in the Market
    So you can’t argue with success

  25. Dragonfly

    Oldies rock. Wish is wasnt all about the money.
    Still some greats out there. MSJ enjoy retirement

  26. Gloria Suppa

    To begin: Oldies 98.1, while Mike St John was employed there had very high ratings. Unfortunately, as time passed, it became obvious, the station needed to add new eras to the oldies line up, so adding the 80’s and maybe even some 90’s seemed to be a great idea. However, it behooves me , that, they can keep Harvey Holiday, while letting go of Mike and the other great personalities. Although, I believe Harvey is a very good personality, HH is known for playing the 50’s music. H H is still there , and doing well, and playing the music from the new eras. On the other hand it is being said Mike could not adapt. They are non substantiated words. I will substantiate my words. Mike St John played songs from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s while he was employed as a radio personality at oldies 98.1. On the other hand, I frequented each club that was lucky enough to employ Mike. He had a very big following, and we danced each night to music of eras beginning with the 50′ and quickly moving to the 80’s and later the 90’s. Mike, looked much younger then his age, women of all ages from 20’s to older, admired him, and looked forward to his appearances at each club.I was in attendance at most of his club appearences. I have photographs of many of the people that followed Mike from club to club , and most of us are not 70 years old or older. What I am saying is this. Yes, I agree , 98.1 needed a face lift , but in their music not their personalities!!!!!! Mike did not have a chance to play the new music at the station, so how can anyone say he would not be comparable with the music. As I said , again they are un substantiated words. Harvey Holiday ,successfully made the change, and it was known that he played the oldies line dances at the clubs. He had a nice following , but they were those who were from the very early eras. He made the move well, and so did some other good personalities that are still there, and so could Mike and the others that Anne Gress:In sept 2003 Anne Gress became Program Director fpr WOGL—In jan 2004— SHE FLABERGASTED—SHE BLEW MIKE ST JOHN OUT.Mike St John would absolutely positively NOT BE COMPATIBLE WITH WOGL—HE is 50′s and 60′s—Can’t picture him playing 70′s and 80′s—Same with Charlie Bennett,The LATE Hy Lit and Jim Nettleton
    )(Alan Rosenfeld March 9, 2013 at 7:56 pm ). Now , due to her impulse ( as it was said in a comment here), 98.1 is loosing ratings(also stated here) .It is about time to oust her and re hire Mike and the other personalities that made that station fantastic.

  27. roe

    I used to listen to Mike st John all the time. Gradually after he left I stopped listening. I thought he would be back ,like the last time he left. I was shocked to hear he was let go. I do not understand why they would let someone who was so good and fun go. I beg to differ with those who said he only played the 50 and 60 music . Of course he played the music the station told him to. Can you imagine him playing music of the 80’s and 90’s when the Radio station clearly said music of the 50;s and 60’s. Just to let you know , I did go to the night clubs he was at and I remember him playing music of the 80’s and 90’s . He looked great also . Oh and to let you know I am not anywhere near the age of 60,70 or 80 , and there were a lot of people my age at his locations. What a mistake to let him go!!!!! I would listen again if Mike came back!!

    • Mike McD.

      I Totally Agree, I was his Producer Butchwax and he Did play 80’s and 90’s at the night clubs he was at , Mike could fit into Any night club !

  28. freddie

    Butchwax/Mike McD, you would know. I saw you dancing at all the nightclubs and you are no where near the age of 70.I wish you, mike and the others were back again. Although, some of the fantastic radio personalities stayed with WOGL and are very good, it would be a fantastic station if they brought back Mike St John and you. Sadly, I do not go to the night clubs any longer, now that Mike is not there. Do you. On the other hand, I would make it a point to go if he came back and I would listen all the time . Also I would get in touch with all the others who want him back, and we would all be there and listen.

  29. Bill W.

    I worked with Mike, mostly at Nicky’s Pub and The Crazy Horse Saloon, one of the best memories in my life. Sean , if you read this please give my best to your dad. You were too young to remember but my wife (then girlfriend) actually babysat you on a number of occasions while Mike was doing the Saturday Night Dance Party! Mike and Cathy are great people. Sorry to hear that health issues forced Mike to retire, hope he is doing well now.

  30. Gloria

    In case Mike St John reads his comments, I would like to sing this little tune to him. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you , Happy birthday dear Mike, Happy birthday to you. I hope you had a wonderful day , filled with Love , friends, and lots of presents. May God bless you with much happiness, and good health. He already blessed you with good looks, fantastic hair (that you should not have ever cut), and a great personality. I hope you and your beautiful wife Cathy had a wonderful day together.
    If you do read this , Guess what, I went to college with my daughter. lol
    Happy birthday

  31. Gloria Suppa

    Hello, I just have to say this, I and many others miss you very much. Oldies98.1 is not, and never will be, as much fun as it was when you were there. I remember how hot the faxes got when we had snow, or very cold weather in the winter. Boy they would have burned up this year, and last year. lol. From what I hear, you and your beautiful wife are truly enjoying your retirement and family. I also have some additions. 2 granddaughters 7 ,and 3,and 1 grand son 10. My son manages a gym and he manages all the sets for a aerobics star who was inducted into the hall of fame with Arnold Schwarzenegger ( she has her own cable show). Unbelievably, I gained a few to many unwanted lbs, but I purchased wii just dance, and my granddaughter has me dancing every day with her and her friends. To add to that, my son gave me Kathys aerobics dvds, so we are working on loosing those lbs. Well enough said, I hope you read this. If you ever want to come back just let me know, as I have so many people asking me how can we get Mike back. Every time I am asked that, I say, “he and his beautiful wife are happy”, but if you guys ever change your mind , I will let them know, and I am sure they will all write letters. God bless ,and have a great Summer.

  32. Jeff "The Motor Man"

    Mike left his mark on Philadelphia Oldies. He was thee best

  33. Helen Stafford

    Mike St.John – the best DJ and radio personality. Always a kind word to say, along with a smile. Taking time to say “Hi” to everyone and if you were lucky enough he would say your name and play your favorite song. I heard every week “Hey Helen” and he would play my favorite song! And then won the dance contest for “MISS NICKY’S PUB” I never did get the prize!!!!!!Thank you to all the fantastic memories that I have growing up..I am #7 of 8 children – I was born in 1962 and had older sisters that taught us younger ones every line dance their was – 4 years old doing “Shot-gun” “Cool Jerk” “Twist” Bristol Stomp” “The Slop” “MashPotato””Calypso”..etc…and thanking my sisters Jeannie and Carole for teaching us…Great times and a lot of memories – I have taught my daughter and my nieces – The best of times..Tuesday Night – Nicky’s Pub – Always a good time had by all. I reminisce and wish we had a “NICKY’S PUB REUNION”. 🙂 Thank you from my dancing feet and dancing till I couldn’t breath – begging for a slow song so I could grab a drink !!!! You are the best Mike St.John and I am hoping that retirement is treating you well. Thank you for the memories.

  34. Bob Patterson II

    I miss him and alot of the past radio host that were on 98.1 WOGL-FM
    I think if it was not for Harvey Holiday & Street Corner Sunday, Bob Pantano’s Saturday Night Dance Party Live from the beautiful Adelphia in Deptford, NJ.
    and Rockin Ron Cade’s Elvis and Friends Sunday morning radio show and The Brunch with the Beatles Sunday morning radio show was with Bob Charger but now with Cadillac Jack
    the station would not be were there at now.
    I miss the great disc jockey’s and the Oldies music of the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s

  35. Gloria Suppa

    On this day a few decades ago a star was born. The angels watched as the saint made his entry into this world. He was blessed with beautiful hair and a deep sexy voice (that would appear as he grew older). The longer his hair was , the more successful he would be. .. … … Today I would like to say, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Mike, happy birthday to you. I hope you let your hair grow. May you have a happy and blessed day with your beautiful wife, son and grandchildren. The coast line closed, but if you were still there I bet business would have been booming, just as it was every Monday night…. … … Here is one for you. Now do not laugh, but people actually ask me to spell words for them and I spell them correctly. lol Also, they often tell me how lucky I am to be so good at spelling. I laugh and say not always. Would you believe I excelled in English while in college, especially writing. lol I amazed myself.

    • Jeff Masishin

      Yup, Happy Birthday Mike. Your South Jersey friend, Jeff, The Motor Man.

    • Gloria Suppa

      Happy birthday Mike. If you are reading this, I hope you, your beautiful wife and family are all enjoying your special day together. My little girl had another baby , a boy on October 2,2016. I now have 4 grandchildren and Bob does not associate with any of them. lol

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