Bobby Wilde, 101.3 KDWB Minneapolis | 1990

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This entire CHR WARS presentation in its many parts is all recordings from the 1980s. Here’s Bobby Wilde on KDWB!

101.3 KDWB (FM)


  1. Bobby Wilde

    Not an aircheck I’m really proud of, but I was TIRED! Why? Alan Cable (my nemesis on WLOL) had given out my home phone number during his show a few days before this. On the night Alan gave it out on WLOL, I called our 10p-2a DJ on KDWB, (the AMAZING Spyder Harrison/Jammer/JJ Walker) and gave it out myself to KDWB listeners, so I could take the credit! The phone didn’t stop, day or night. I answered every call I could, talked to people, gave away tee shirts… turned it around on him, and it worked! The downside… virtually no sleep for weeks, and “sleepy” shows that weren’t quite up to par.

  2. This aircheck would be from about late July or August of 1990, judging by the music.

  3. Boy Plunger

    This is mislabeled. Probably should be 1989-1990 with MC Hammer and Bobby’s comment about Alan Kabel being in the market.

  4. Try sometime in the fall of 1990, not 1985, for this aircheck… based on some of the songs on the aircheck.

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