Murray The K, 1010 WINS New York | March 17, 1961

1010 New York WINS Murray Kaufman Murray the K
Murray the K (Kaufman) at WINS New York

Here’s something given to us a few years ago by Contributor Ray Bozzanca, recorded onto one of his reels. The audio quality is not that good but the historical value certainly IS!

Listen for old Dodge car commercials, pimple cream commercials… lots of live ads, live promotions of Murray the K’s upcoming live appearance on Long Island. In 1961, WINS was a pioneering radio station in the world of Top 40 radio. In fact, the station wasn’t really Top 40 in the truest sense, in that they played whatever was popular along with older material that they thought the audience would enjoy. For example, this show begins with Murray the K’s opening jingle (about a minute long!) then Murray goes right into a Frank Sinatra record! Granted, this particular program, Kaufman says is a ‘Goldies’ show with lots of goldies all night.

This runs about 12 minutes scoped down from the original 24, and it has been lightly processed to try and bring up the high end audio just a bit. I think you’ll enjoy!

1010 New York WINS Murray Kaufman Murray the K
Murray the K (Kaufman) at WINS New York

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  1. Tony

    One story is that B. Mitchel Reed moved from KFWB in LA to WMCA in NYC because he did not think Murray the K deserved to fill Alan Freed’s shoes.

    Didn’t Kaufmann also use “Swingin Soiree” on WOR-FM beford Drake took over?

    Every time I hear him, I think of someone’s Dad on the air. And, in fact, Murray was only a few months older than my father.

    Of course, a few years later, he began referring to himself as “The Fifth Beatle”.

    Murray the K died in 1982 at the age of 60.


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