Nancy Plum & John M. Driscoll, KTNQ Ten-Q Los Angeles | September, 1977

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This is really an early morning composite of one of the West Coast’s most exciting Top 40 stations to ever hit the airwaves! KTNQ, “Ten-Q” was a high-power, lightning fast-paced Top 40 station. One of the stations in L.A. that helped permanently de-throne 93/KHJ. Prior to 1976, 1020 was KGBS, which had its own personality oriented format… a bit less exciting than the New Ten-Q.

Nancy Plum is on Facebook. In fact, that’s how she contacted me, asking my address so she could send a box of cassettes to upload to Airchexx. She was very generous. There were 9 cassettes, each from a station skimmer machine. Two sides representing two different shows on different stations. And… this is the GOOD stuff!


This first part is Nancy Plum. She was the overnight personality and she sounds excited to be on Ten-Q! Next up at 6 am.. and he’s late, is John M. Driscoll. Now, Driscoll had worked in a number of different places, namely Chicago, at WCFL where he was Johnny Driscoll. Today, John Driscoll is a national Voiceover talent.


This arrived on cassette. There are two different shows on this, one on each side. I was completely blown away by the sound quality. This came directly out of the KTNQ studio skimmer machine and it appears Nancy Plum took care to keep these tapes in good condition. If there was such a thing as analog HD, this is it. There’s no tape hiss, the station was PERFECTLY processed. And no reverb. None of the West Coast stations had reverb, that I’m aware of. Just a super clean sound, and unfortunately, one I had to remove the music to satisfy copyright rules.