New Music Showdown/Night Show on CHFM-95.9 “Kiss-FM” Calgary | 1996


Date of Recording: 1996 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: CJFM 95.9 Calgary
Format: CHR
Featured Air Talent: Unknown
Contributor: Anonnymous
Original Post Date: 01.25.2010
Repost Date: 11/19/2017

Curator’s Notes:

From our Annonymous Donations file (yes, we had a contributor who wished to remain annonymous), comes this excellent aircheck of Kiss-FM Calgary. Unfortunately, there are few identifying marks to tell us what the call letters were, even the deejay didn’t say his name (but he SOUNDS similar to a guy named Doug Alling who used to grace the Boston airwaves on the old HitRadio 103 WHTT). So, once again, we’ll rely on visitor’s comments to identify this clip that we suspect was recorded in 1996.

Its the night show, and they are doing the New Music Showdown… a battle of the bands kind of thing. Lots of phone calls, high energy and all the old commercials are left in for identification. See if this brings back some memories to our Canadian visitors!!


  1. Albertaboy4life

    Sounds like Vinnie Taylor (aka Michael Day in his 66 CFR AM Calgary days). He’s now at Jack FM in Victoria, BC CANADA.

    • Chris Stelly

      Kiss FM’s call letters were CKIS-FM. Since 2003, 96.9 has been Jack FM. The CKIS-FM calls remained until they were swapped with 92.5/CJAQ when that station shifted back to CHR.

  2. The guy that does the VO’s for this Kiss-FM also did the VO for channel 46 back in the 90’s and is currently on Peachtree TV and a bunch of Cox classic hits stations. Who is he?

  3. Ken97

    This is Vinnie Taylor as AlbertaBoy4life indicates. Now working mornings at Harvard in Red Deer.

  4. Kim Pike

    Hi,I am searching for my old lost love.Do you know of a deejay that goes by THe Real Don Steele other than the one that is passed away?He has worked all over the U.S. including California and also Q-104 in Gadsden,AL which is how we met.Please e-mail me at or text or call at 256-490-0806.I would love to reconnect with him.Thank you for any information to reunite us.Have a blessed week.

  5. Eric Jon Magnuson

    As was mentioned in an earlier comment, this is probably from 96.9, which would’ve been CKIS at the time (and which is now CJAQ). CHFM 95.9 didn’t pick up the “Kiss” branding until much later–and, ironically, just dropped it.

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