Pervis Spann on 1450 WVON 1450 Chicago | 1965

Pervis Spann on 1450 WVON 1450 Chicago | 1965

WVON 1450 Chicago – Pervis Spann – 1965

This aircheck features Chicago R&B radio station, 1450 WVON. The station became a powerhouse, when in 1963, it started playing Soul records ignored by most of Chicago’s big radio stations.

On this recording, you’ll hear Chicago radio legend, Pervis Spann. Spann was born and raised in Mississippi, then make his mark in the music, radio and entertainment industry as he built WVON Radio. He was one of the first jocks on WVON back in 1963. Because of his love for Blues music, he became known as ‘The Blues Man’. In addition to his on air work, he spent some time in music management. He was the first to manage The Jackson Five.

Spann was also a successful radio station owner, acquiring stations in Jacksonville, Florida Atlanta, Georgia and Memphis, Tennessee. However, it was at WVON Radio in Chicago, where he built his incomparable broadcasting career.

On this aircheck, you’ll hear Pervis, just being Pervis on WVON, which is what Chicago loved. -Ellis


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