Peter Johnathan, ‘Car Radio’ 93/KHJ Los Angeles | December, 1984

The final format of 93/KHJ was a very unique attempt at an all-traffic report station, blended with music which was mainly recurrents. They called it “Car Tunes, Great Songs In Your Car”. Everything about the format seemed to revolve around cars. There was a traffic report after every two songs, and an upbeat jock to announce the songs and do the traffic.

This was a novel idea. Los Angeles and it’s sometimes crippling traffic jams was the perfect place to try an experimental format like this. It was also nice to see that KHJ was promoting its AM Stereo. Many former KHJ fans have complained that this format was devoid of personality, but given the state of AM radio in late 1984, its amazing that this music format was tried at all.

Just over a year later, on January 31, 1986, 93/KHJ would officially disappear forever, although the KHJ call letters would eventually return after Y2K in a very rare FCC rule waiver that allowed the three letter calls to be re-issued. But by that time, KHJ was and still is an Hispanic music station.


  1. Jeffery James

    This is Leo (Peter) Jonisan who did mornings as “Joe McCain” at KIK-FM in the early 80’s. It was great to hear this again. Anyone know what happened to him since this recording? Thanks for posting this!

  2. Tony

    “Another great car tune from (blank)just seconds from now.”

    Over and over and over …

    So boring, you could fall asleep at the wheel of your … car.

    Music mix pretty good for the era. Good voice by the jock.

    Only of historical interest.


  3. Calradiopd

    Correction: Music mix pretty good for four months before this actually aired. These were burned-to-a-crisp recurrents. Even the first time I heard it, I was gone in 20 minutes. And then there’s the repetition, the liners, and the fact that if there was a big enough traffic problem, KIIS-FM and KFI, both of which had airborne traffic reporters, would tell you, while playing current hits. Pointless and deadly.

    Additional points deducted for mono jingles into stereo songs.

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