Pittsburgh FMs – A tale of Contrasts | 1980s

100.7 New Kensington PA Pittsburgh WXXP 100.7 Double-X

More proof that FM radio in the 80s was unique and alive… here’s a look at two Pittsburgh FM stations – no two stations could be more different than these, WAMO 106.7 (Urban) and 100.7 “Double X” WXXP (Alternative).

This starts out with an unidentified female DJ and moves on to Derrick Allen on WAMO. Then over to crosstown WXXP with Paul
* Note: Mr. Cramer has written in to say that the date of this aircheck is from June 10, 1988. Please note the correct spelling of his name as of this update.

WAMO continues as of this writing with an Urban format, WXXP has been gone since 1988 (you can read an archived article from the Daily Collegian dated 9/6/88 here.)

WAMO 106


  1. gabi king

    Does anybody know if this is the same Derek Allen hat did Sunday brunch if so it’s my dad and I would love to find out if there is any other tapes with his voice on it.

  2. Actually, WAMO was more of a CHUrban station throughout the ’80’s, the ’90’s, the 2000’s, and today!

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