Classic Hits 102.5 WXLY Charleston SC | June 1988

102.5 FM in Charleston SC never seemed to ever stay with a format for very long. In 1993, your webmaster went to work, ever so briefly, for WEZL. One of the jocks that I was fortunate enough to make friends with, Rhett Bledsoe, said that he and TJ Phillips had the morning show on WXLY before coming to WEZL. At that point in time, WXLY had just flipped to Oldies from Country, so apparently, WXLY was Classic Hits, then Country, and then Oldies. Or so that’s how I remember it.

This recording, made in June, 1988 for California Aircheck, shows a “Classic Hits” format on 102.5 with a very wide playlist. It is even too loose for a modern “Classic Hits” based upon the few songs you hear showcased here.

No jingles, not even any imaging – just a female jock and the classic hits, with a commercial break thrown in. Our contributor, Robyn Watts, probably has more details on this aircheck than I can provide.