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Mason & Sheehan, WXCR Classic Rock 102.3 Albany NY | July 1998

Description by Contributor Mike Hotaling:

I found about 5 minutes or so of Mason and Sheehan on the end of one of my tapes in that big box in my closet. Albany area folks will remember them as the long time morning team on WPYX (PYX-106). This was them on WXCR which they came over to in the late 90’s. I think how I caught this is because I forgot to take the tape out of the skimmer the night before!

5 thoughts on “Mason & Sheehan, WXCR Classic Rock 102.3 Albany NY | July 1998

  1. Bianca Ferraioli says:

    Came upon this looking for Bob Mason. What a shame! this guy could have gone the distance, many more years of talent to share with the public. Started out in his parents basement. Truly loved the business, sorry he let go of the dream. I hear lots of things ….now a bar owner, on facebook, I can’t find him anywhere.

  2. mike hotaling says:

    worked with bob twice, in the late 70s at 92fly and again in the late 90s at wxcr… bob is a true albany institution!

    1. Bianca Ferraioli says:

      If you happen to run into him give him my inf. Have studio, record unsigned bands,want to pass along new rock tunes

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