Tommy Kramer, KNUS 99 Dallas | June, 1972

Tommy Kramer is all over the web these days, with his own blog, consultant duties, etc. He was a great Top 40 jock as well, as you’ll hear in this ultra-short QuickCheck of McLendon’s KNUS 99. By the time of this aircheck, McLendon had sold his AM, KLIF, and the war to beat his former station was on!

KNUS did, in fact, decimate KLIF in subsequent books, although, ironically, KNUS 99 was originally slated to become an all-news outlet on FM, which is why the call letters.


  1. Don

    They should have taked KNUS-FM as well. BIG MISTAKE!!!

    • Tony

      When the McLendons sold KLIF to Fairchild, KNUS originally was to be part of the deal.

      Neither the McLendons nor Fairchild wanted the FM. Ironically, it was B.R., Gordon’s father, who saw the potential of KNUS and FM in general.

      When the idea of all news was scrapped, a top-40, album-cut format was launched.

      Within 15 months of the sale of KLIF, KNUS beat KLIF in the ratings. Although KLIF recovered once, maybe twice, the end was near.

      Today, KLIF is a low-rated, conservative talk station in Dallas on 570 AM.

      KNUS was the last station owned by the McLendons. It was sold in 1979 for $3.75 million. Today, the old KNUS is KLUV, an oldies station.


  2. Tony

    Can you clean that aircheck up some?

    Really poor quality — muddy — ha- … .

    Maybe it’s been sitting in Dallas summer heat for 40 years.


  3. Tony, if I were to remove the hiss you would be left with a low fidelity muddy aircheck that would sound like it was under water. I tried that :). Today’s new aircheck is much better.

  4. Tony Williams

    That’s much better. Thanks, Steve.

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