QuickCheck: WCFB “Young Country B94.5” Orlando | 1995

94.5 Orlando, B94.5, Young Country, WCFB

94.5 Orlando, WCFB, B94.5, Young CountryDate of Recording: 1995 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 94.5 WCFB (WWLB) Orlando, Florida, USA
Format: Country
Featured Air Personality: None
Contributor: Anonymous


According to what I can dig up about the history of this station, it’s apparent that B94.5 was very close to bailing on the country format around the time of this recording. I found this on a cassette sandwiched between two other airchecks, no label with regard to jock or even date (I discovered the year 1995 in one of the spots you hear on this aircheck).

While there’s no real information about this, I think it’s historic enough to post because it’s from a short period of time in which 94.5 Orlando was Country, before moving on to an Adult Urban format as “Star 94.5”. I do know that this Country incarnation was programmed by one “Big” Steve Kelly, who, among other stations in his resume was the PD of WMC-FM 100 Memphis for a time in the early ’00s (and just how do I know that? I interviewed with him twice while he was at the reigns before leaving for a short stint in Dyersburg, TN.). Nothing like branching off the original aircheck topic.

Perhaps you recognize the voice on this aircheck… you hear him for one break after a stop set with a caller. Not much of the format on this recording, the first 4 minutes are all commericals starting with a produced station promo.


  1. James Greek

    Orlando already had a country station. K 92 FM.

  2. I can tell you a little about the aircheck. I was working there through B94.5’s entire 3 year run. Bis Steve Kelly was PD. The two jocks on the air are Herb & Rusty also known as “Those Two Guys at Night.” The format flipped to UAC May 1995, and this was from the final few months of the format.

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