QuickChexx: A Sample of 91.3 WRBC Lewiston ME | February, 1987

91.5 Lewiston ME Maine Radio Bates College

With not much audio to go on and virtually no information about this one, we looked up the info and this is the station of Bates College up in Lewiston Maine. The amateur nature of the jocks gives it away pretty quickly. But you have to give them credit, these students gave it a good effort. The imaging for the station rocks. This is a heavy metal format, and we’re not entirely sure if this was a full time format or done in block format, with other things programmed the rest of the day.

This was on a tape with other stations, donated by Contributor Robyn Watts. Not much in the way of program elements other than one break and a promo, but here’s our first College Radio aircheck. Hopefully, it won’t be the last.