O’Brien In The Morning, WSB-FM B-98.5 Atlanta | April 7, 1987

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We often think about the late 1980s as not that long ago. After all, most of us remember the 80s… MTV when it played music videos, hits from Madonna, Steve Winwood and more. But, it really was a long time ago. As of this posting, it was almost twenty-six years ago when Sugar Ray Leonard defeated Marvin Hagler for Boxing’s heavyweight championship in Las Vegas, Nevada. And just how do we know this? Because they mention it in this bit from the O’Brien In The Morning show on the old B98-5!

Corrie Dean reports two quick newscasts in this scope. Weather by Channel 25 Meteorologist Ernie Johnson. Take note of the events of the day in this high-quality aircheck taking us back to 1987!

Today, the WSB-FM call letters are on 95.5, and the FM simply simulcasts the News/Talk format of AM 750 WSB.

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