QuickChexx: Chip Hobart, 68 WRKO Boston | 1974

680 AM Boston WRKO WNAC

Running about 3 minutes, Courtesy of Contributor Steve Bleecker, here’s a short, clean, and well processed WRKO featuring Chip Hobart. I’m guessing the year 1974 here, since the tape came without the date on it. Could be ’73. Somebody knows.

WRKO is using their original jingle package. Sparingly. The Drake era was over, and it’s apparent that WRKO is playing a lot of album cuts. Strange, in a way, as the big thing happening (at least in Boston) on FM was Album Oriented Rock. WBCN at 104.1 was just emerging as a rocker, coming out of its Classical era. 94.5 WCOZ was “Cozy”, a Beautiful Music station playing orchestrated contemporary music without singers. WCOZ would famously go on into the world of AOR, and in 1978 Programmer John Sebastion would take the station all hard rock with the moniker “Kick Ass Rock and Roll”. There would be others. But here at this point in time, WRKO has the Top 40 audience AND the Rock audience pretty much to itself.

Chip Hobart sounds very comfortable in the format, if not laid back, in the style that many of the emerging, aforementioned AOR stations used. Its so strange to hear WRKO in this quasi-AOR approach to Top 40 that its sort of wierd. Certainly, most of the broadcast day was more up-tempo than this (and I’m guessing that this was at night, but again, no liner notes allude to date or time), and the jocks were world-class… even for 1974. The late Dale Dorman was doing wakeups and Dorman was anything but laid back!

I wish this was longer, but just over three minutes is all we have of Chip Hobart, and the WRKO of this era. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the little bit presented here in the interest of preservation of Radio History.

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