QuickChexx: Terri Hemmert, 93.1 WXRT Chicago | June 12, 1991


A very pleasant voice greets listeners to the Terri Hemmert Show on 93-XRT. Chicago had a really GREAT, Quality Rock station with a wide variety of Rock – at least for a few years.

This is very short, just 4:47, all scoped down nicely to comply with copyright law. We comply with the ‘Fair Use’ clause in all cases, only keeping just enough music to put the listener in a moment in time, in context of the broadcast at hand.

We know virtually nothing about Terri Hemmert, but she’s a featured jock on California Aircheck tape #S-206, contributed by Robyn Watts. Date verification was easy. While not listed on the tape, the list of “Today in History” birthdays gives the date away.

Thanks again to Robyn Watts. She and Big Apple Airchecks are our most valuable contributors!

Aircheck #1,299 since May 2, 2002!

Tape Courtesy of California Aircheck

2 Replies to “QuickChexx: Terri Hemmert, 93.1 WXRT Chicago | June 12, 1991”

  1. garykerns
    Gary Kerns

    At 0:13, they mentioned the White Sox’s two world championships (at that point), namely 1906 and ’17. The Sox did win it all in 2005, sweeping the Astros. I’m not a Cub fan (my favorite team is not important), but I’d dearly love to see them win a World Series before much longer, not having won one since 1908. If and when they make the postseason, again, I’ll be pulling for them all the way. I liked how Terri said she remembered the White Sox world championships.

  2. Geno

    You “know virtually nothing about Terri Hemmert”? Well, let’s see … At age 68, she’s still on ‘XRT just about every day, after making her debut there 43 years ago. She’s from Piqua, Ohio. Has a B.A. in speech. Teaches classes in radio, and in music history. In 2010, Pres. Obama invited her to the White House as he awarded the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song to Paul McCartney. Terri is a huge Beatles fan, is considered an expert on them, and is the longtime host of a weekly show featuring their music. In fact, she says — only half-jokingly — that she originally got into radio because she figured it might allow her to meet the Beatles! I hope this helps.

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