QuickChexx: Chris Lee, WSPK Poughkipsie | August 24, 1983


Aircheck collector and Airchexx Contributor Neal Bowden held on to this classic 80s recording for a long time before sharing via our website.

We know nothing about Chris Lee, although he is the featured Jock here on this really short aircheck of “K104” The year is 1983 and here’s an early FM CHR which is still in the format with the same call letters as of this writing.

94.7 Poughkipsie NY K104 Chris Lee Neal Bowden

4 Replies to “QuickChexx: Chris Lee, WSPK Poughkipsie | August 24, 1983”

  1. Ed Mistler

    It is good to hear this air check from Poughkeepsie . I lived and worked there in the early eighty’s. I think this website is great,thank you .

  2. Aardvark

    I used to listen to WSPK from the north shore of Long Island. Like WHUD in Peekskill, they have a very power signal that beams down to the NYC metro area. Sadly, music changed and so did my tastes and I no longer listen to WSPK even though it still manages to push a relatively good signal down here. Their current format does not appeal to me.

  3. mike hotaling

    the mid hudson valley had great radio over the years but sort of an identity crisis… didnt belong to a TV market… yet over half a million people lived in the area… another station with a killer signal there was AOR legend 101 WPDH… can to this day pick them up all the way north to albany!

  4. KHS90

    This is before the official flip to CHR at a time when Z100 and Power 95 down south just confirmed that the format was on fire. And … It sounds like a very AC version of every generic Hudson Valley jock there is. It could even be Allen Sniffen, who’d go on to get monster shares on weekend nights as “Dr John Barron,” supposedly some guy from Rochester who visited the station just for this shift.

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