3 thoughts on “Radio’s Death Throes and its Hopeful Rebirth – Kindness, Happiness and Joy (KHJ)

  1. That letter from Gleiser was 100% correct. He(and many others) saw where it was all heading.
    When I worked for WELI in the mid-80s we(the station) made a big deal out of “AM stereo.” As I recall our signal was broadcast in 2 different AM stereo formats: Motorola an Kahn(this was when the FCC was allowing the “market to decide”). I had a Walkman that received AM stereo, but it never sounded the same as FM—destroying the main selling point.

  2. Another WELI note: when I first arrived it was owned by Broad Street Communications. Then around ‘86 or so a guy named Lowry Mays showed up, made a grand tour of the place and—before we knew it—we were Clear Channel. And the rest was history.

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