Rich Kaminsky, 95.5 WPLJ New York City | April 10, 1999

95.5 New York, WPLJ

Rich Kaminski
Rich Kaminski – Currently on 106.7 WLTW LIte FM
Recording Date: 04.10.1999
Station: 95.5 WPLJ (WABC-FM/WWPR) New York City (Wikipedia) (Website)
Format: Hot Adult Contemporary (Hot AC)
Branded: New York’s Hit Music Station!
Ownership: (Now) Cumulus Media
Featured Air Personality: Rich Kaminski (WPLJ/WLTW)
Contributor: Anonymous

You know what this song means? (Livin La Vida Loca?)… Living the crazy life!

Curator’s Notes:

By the time of this recording, WPLJ was firmly established as a Hot AC, with a playlist that was big on uptempo pop hits, and some lighter Rock hits… but no Rap. That’s the setup for our first aircheck of Rich Kaminski. He sounds GOOD doing the WPLJ format. One note about airchecks made from the late 90s to present is, there are long music sweeps with produced liners and sweepers and no jock talk. We hear Rich do a few breaks, then a long music sweep with WPLJ imaging, and that’s it.

Take this aircheck and compare it with others of WPLJ… and in your mind, other stations in the past. What do you think about this one. Good? Bad? Put your comments below.

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