Rick Shaw, 560 WQAM Miami | December 20, 1967

Aircheck courtesy of Contributor Larry Stoler

Often times when researching the legacies of classic radio stations, we don’t come across much valuable information. Its times like this when the audio we post must speak for itself.

This aircheck is all about the hits of 1967 and the air talents of Rick Shaw. The burning question of many of our minds is, is this the same Rick Shaw who graced the airwaves of 610 KFRC San Francisco? The voices do not necessarily sound similar, but considering the level of processing used at KFRC, its possible that these two men are indeed one in the same.

There are lots of live commercials. Commercials, commercials EVERYWHERE, all over the place. About the closest thing you’ll get to a music sweep is two songs in a row before more commercials. And WQAM has a jingle for nearly everything. Since this is just days away from Christmas, there are numerous WQAM Christmas jingles. And, the holiday music? Certainly not the novelty songs you hear these days. Much of the holiday music heard on WQAM is of the classical/church choir style.

We think these jingles are from Heller, but we’re a bit unsure. Someone out there knows.

WQAM is still on the air, same frequency, same call letters. The music is long gone, the station is an all-Sports outlet these days.

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