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Station Composite, 96.3 WMYQ Miami | 1974

From the short lived WMYQ Top 40 era, this composite is donated by Russ Oasis for use and archival here on Airchexx. It’s one of the best sounding airchecks in terms of sound quality that we’ve heard – and the jocks are some of the best in the business at that time! Just listen.

Tagged 1974, 96.3 Miami, Chuck Martin, G. Michael McKay, Lee Baby Sims
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Phil Hendrie Pretends He’s Neil Rogers, 610 WIOD Miami | March 1996

Phil Hendrie is a radio genius! You’ve probably never heard anyone do what he does on the radio. Phil is a talk show host. He talks to guests. He lets listeners talk to the guests. What makes the show different is that […]

Tagged 560, 610, hendrie, neil rogers, phil
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Joey Reynolds, 610 WIOD Miami | April 10, 1993 / Easter Sunday

Known informally as a guy who’s worked more radio stations than anyone else, Joey Reynolds is heard here on Easter Sunday Morning on 610 WIOD. A couple of years later, with on air endorsements from some biggies at the former WNBC New […]

Tagged 1993, 610 Miami, Easter, Joey Reynolds, WIOD

Composite: WFUN (Miami) Jocks | 1968

Matt’s done it again! Here’s a 25 minute scope of 790 WFUN as heard in the heyday of its popularity in the late 60s. WFUN was in very close competition with Miami then-giant WQAM, a battle which WFUN eventually lost and led […]

Tagged 1968, 790 Miami, Big Apple Airchecks, Composite, WFUN

Mike Sheridan, 710 WGBS Miami | April 21, 1978

…Music Radio 7000, the new WGBS… Got the music you wanna hear… When was the last time you heard a complete overnight music show six-hour Condensed down to 39 and a half minutes, scoped, here’s the full six hour live show that […]

Tagged 710 Miami, Big Apple Airchecks, Mike Sheridan, Music Radio 7000, WGBS

Y100 Composite – 100.7 WHYI Miami, 1977

Anybody can play music, but it’s personality that really counts on the radio Courtesy of Contributor Rob Grayson, this is an original copy of what seems like an industry pressing done in 1977. I can’t seem to find which one it was, […]

A Scott Lowe Special: “The Chucker Revolution” | Winter 2009

Contributor Scott Lowe checks in with a fantastic interview with Chuck Kirr, aka “The Chucker”. As you know, we’ve partnered with BigAppleAirchecks often in the past, and interestingly enough, Mr. Lowe contacted US about posting this great piece of work himself. A […]

Tagged 1989, Big Apple Airchecks, Chuck Kirr, Scott Lowe, The Chucker

Don Cox, WINZ-FM (I95) Ft. Lauderdale/Miami Beach | July 2, 1984

This was sent in by Daniel Coulombe… an original recording of Don Cox on I95 in South Florida. This is vintage 80s. Entertainment news, featuring who else? Michael Jackson. Not to mention, Cox IS counting down the top 10 songs of the […]

Tagged 1984, Don Cox, Ft. Lauderdale

J.J. Walker, WHYI Y-100 Ft. Lauderdale/Miami | 1989

Date of Recording: 1989 (Exact Date Unknown) Station: 100.7 WHYI Fort Lauderdale (Miami), Florida, USA Format/Branding at Time of Recording: Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) / Y-100 Featured Air Personality: J.J. Walker (Spyder Harrison) Contributor: Robyn Watts Airchexx Entry: 897 Comments: From the […]

Tagged 100.7 Miami, Aircheck Collectors, East Coast Airchecks, JJ Walker, Robyn Watts

Tom Konard’s “Aircheck Factory” Presents: Gene Weed, 560 WQAM Miami | July 23, 1957

Date of Recording: 07.23.1957 Station: 560 WQAM Miami, Florida, USA Format: Popular Music Featured Air Personality: Gene Weed (WQAM/KFWB) Contributor: Anonymous (per his request) Airchexx Entry: 1,483 …WQAM…First in Hooper, first in Pulse and first in Trendex Comments: One of the oldest […]

Tagged 1957, 560 Miami, Gene Weed, Storz, WQAM

Sonny Fox, WHYI Y100 Miami | July 6, 1984

Date of Recording: 07.06.1984 Station: 100.7 WHYI (Y100) Miami, Florida, USA Format: CHR Featured Air Personality: Sonny Fox Contributor: Daniel Coulombe Comments: Thanks to site friend Daniel Coulombe, here’s a GREAT, original recording he made of Sonny Fox and the morning show […]

Tagged 100.7 Miami, Sonny Fox, WHYI, Y100