Rob Grayson: 45 Years in 5 Minutes

Rob Grayson WKNO-TV, WHBQ, WMC-FM Memphis
Rob Grayson at WKNO-TV Memphis
Rob Grayson WHBQ
Rob Grayson, a long time ago…

Description by Steve West

I don’t know if this was intended to be a demo or not, but longtime Memphis radio personality Rob Grayson recently put together this really fun piece, condensing his radio career down from his early radio beginnings in the 1970s right up to just about current, as of this writing.

While there’s really no way to include all the great moments in someone’s career, this one leaves us begging for more. Here’s hoping Rob sends us some more of this awesome radio candy!  And yes.  It really does only run about five minutes!


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