Robert Craig Savage, 1460 WAXC Rochester | 1972

Courtesy of Contributor Steve Bleecker…

Robert Craig Savage has to be the quintessential AM Top 40 jock. He personifies everything that was Top 40 Radio in the early to mid 1970s. While his personality approach to the format on WAXC might be something you’d hear on some of the other great hit stations of the period, that doesn’t mean that Savage doesn’t stand out. Quite the contrary, here’s a unique voice with lots of forward momentum on a station playing all the hits! After all, what did you expect from the station which launched the career of The Greaseman!

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  1. Bob1370

    Great performance on a great station. Bob is still in the market, as owner and operator of WYSL-AM 1040, a news/talk station…he’s one of the few who made the move from air personality into the front office, though many have dreamed…

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