Ron Stevens, 105.5 WQGN (Groton) New London | 1986

105.5 New London WQGN Q105

105.5 New London Q105 WQGNHere’s another from Contributor Paul DiMarco (Mr. 70s, as he’s known at his “Totally 70s Radio Network“). This is our very first entry from New London, CT. It was CHR in 1986 and remains a Top 40 giant in the Navy Submarine capital of Southern New England.

In radio, Legal Identification is important, but these days it can be somewhat deceptive.  Q105 says it’s from New London, but its proper city-of-license is Groton.

This aircheck features Ron Stevens, who is a new entry into our “Featured Jocks” category. Ron joins literally hundreds of other radio people featured here on this website. The quality of this recording is very good, and this is something that Contributor Paul DiMarco prides himself in. This is very short, around 5 minutes, but I really think you’ll enjoy it!


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