Sample: 97.7 WINQ Winchendon MA | August 6, 1985

97.7 WINQ Winchendon MA Automation
97.7 WINQ Winchendon MA Automation System
Date of Recording: 08.06.1985
Station: 97.7 WINQ (WSNI) Winchendon, Massachusetts, USA
Format: Standards (MOYL) “Wink”
Featured Air Personality: None
Contributor: David Bickford (WFGL/WFMP/WXLO/WPKX/WCTZ/WCAX-TV, others)
Airchexx Entry: 1,468

WINQ, Wink. Your good music station


WINQ’s ‘live assist’ studio, which doubled as the production room.
Somewhere, there’s a group dedicated to the history of the “Music of YOUR Life” (MOYL) format, which if memory serves, was launched in 1978 at 1450 WMAS (AM) Springfield, Mass.. WINQ was launched on 97.7 in 1983 after battling the FCC for several years just to get on the air. It was a late bloomer. The owner, Ed Mattar, initially set the station up as nearly all instrumental, Beautiful Music. This evolved into MOYL, with some newer music thrown into a mix of 40s through non-rock 60s staples. By 1985, a year or so before selling the station, it had evolved into what you hear in this example.