Sample: 98.7 WKSI Greensboro | August 29, 1999

98.7 WKSI The Point

There’s surprisingly little information about this station, once known as “The New 98-7 The Point”. Its current call letters are WSMW, calls that were once in use in Worcester, Massachusetts, used to identify UHF Television TV CH. 27 in the early 1970s.

“The Point” was a Rock-based CHR format with no jingles but a healthy staple of produced sweepers which played about every other song. While the format was considered CHR, it actually was more in line with the emerging “Modern AC” format, such as the one which would launch in early 1999 at 94.1 WMBZ Memphis. Note, the logo clearly states “Today’s Best Mix”, yet on the recording, the slogan is “Today’s Best Music”. Yes, we’re picking nits here, but those two slogans represent two completely different formats. “MIX” indicates Adult Contemporary. “Music” indicates CHR.

The jock doesn’t give his name and only appears a few times in this 9 1/2 minute scope. Aside from this information, there’s very little we can describe about this brief aircheck. Perhaps you lived in the Greensboro market at the time this aired and remember the station. If so, we encourage you to comment in the area below.

98.7 WKSI The Point

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  1. Jarrell Mason

    This station was more AC sounding with a rock lean. The station changed the calls and slogan in 2002 from The Point to The Zone and WKSI to WOZN. In 2005 the station added songs from the variety hits format and held an online vote to see whether they should keep the current format or flip to variety hits. Variety hits won(Entercom at the time were planning on flipping it anyway) and now the station is 98.7 Simon where we play everything!

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