Sample: “Power 108”, 107.9 WPHR Cleveland | January 7, 1988


Courtesy of Contributor Robyn Watts, this update includes this six minute air sample of a CHR station that was known as “Power 108”. Among the personalities that would make up this station’s talent roster was John Records Landecker, of WLS fame.

This particular scope is completely jockless. Just liners and sweepers and songs. What was this? A soft-launch? There’s nothing on the source tape to indicate that the CHR format was launching or if the first few months or weeks were indeed, just automated gibberish. At any rate, we’ll archive this here at Airchexx for history’s sake.

107.9 Cleveland WPHR Power 108

5 Replies to “Sample: “Power 108”, 107.9 WPHR Cleveland | January 7, 1988”

  1. Robyn Watts

    This clip was recorded shortly after Urban WDMT was sold by Beasley Broadcasting to Ardman Broadcast and flipped to CHR as WPHR. Oddly enough, both stations used the “Power 108” handle.

  2. Tristan

    This aircheck likely took place when Power 108 was being retooled with a new PD and soon new jocks. I heard in another aircheck that they were improving the station.

  3. Phil

    Hey Robyn!

    I sent you the WPHR 1991 aircheck on youtube a while back, nice to see you hear too. I think Tristan above has it right, they were in the process of retooling after flipping from WDMT in early 1987. I have a few airchecks that were jocked from 87, which i had posted on the old radio info site back in 09.

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