Saturday Night Live at the Oldies: 25th Anniversary Special, 98.5 WKRZ Wilkes-Barre | October 22, 2005


98.5 WKRZ Wilkes-Barre….Thursday, October 23rd, (1980) Six AM – An unfamiliar sound emerged from the previous six hours of monotonous static…

A 30 minute audio retrospective featuring a narrated history and airchecks of KRZ’s FIRST PD and midday guy, Jim Rising from his previous gigs at WCFR Springfield, VT, Washington DC and WAQY Springfield, MA (so many coincidences occur in this recording) is the highlight of this fantastic edition of the WKRZ “Saturday Night at the Oldies” show, celebrating the station’s 25th anniversary. And while the retrospective is the high point of this aircheck, it certainly isn’t the only feature. This covers the first two hours of a program simply chocked full of Oldies and interviews.

Shadow Steele is your host for what comes out to an hour and a half after we scope it down… an incredible program for the listening… so good, in fact, we had to think TWICE before deciding to scope it.

At 128k, while not 100% perfect (you’ll hear some FM white noise on this recording), the audio is just about as good as it gets.

TODAY's 98.5 WKRZ Wilkes-Barre

4 Replies to “Saturday Night Live at the Oldies: 25th Anniversary Special, 98.5 WKRZ Wilkes-Barre | October 22, 2005”

  1. Shadoe Steele

    Hi Steve!

    Great site! Whomever the photo is on the 98.5 KRZ Wilkes- Barre PA “Saturday Night Live at the Oldies” entry is, I’d sure like to correct it with the “real” Shadoe Steele since 1981, LOL! If you send me an e-mail address I’d love to send you one of the real me!

    All the best Steve!


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